About me

My name is Julian Rolinger. I'm a singer, composer and vocalcoach

My love for music started when I was 8 years old, during a classical vocal education. After 5 years of classical piano lessons I started to fall in love with heavier music like rock and metal music. I decided to buy my first electric guitar and forged my very first rock band. It was very clear that this would just be the beginning!

I focused more and more on my voice and decided at the age of 15 to get me some vocal lessons in rock/pop and musical theatre. In 2016 after years of performing live on stage, whether as a singer in my own rock bands playing my own songs or as an artist in musical theatre, I got the chance of being the lead singer of 21Octayne

My first worldwide released single Addicted to Thrill was published by AFM Records and Souldfood. After a few concerts with 21Octayne, I forged a new cinematic prog rock band called The Arc of Light, together with Marco Wriedt and David Bertok. Our debut album Cinematic Reverie was written 2018/19 in New York, London and Los Angeles. The songs for the album have been recorded, inter alia, in the famous and worldwide renowned Village Studios in L.A.

3 songs have already been released! Supernatural, Sound of Leaves and the title track of our album Cinematic Reverie

All the songs that haven't been published yet are currently being mixed and mastered in Santa Monica, L.A. The release of the complete album is planned early summer in 2020.

In spring 2020 I forged a vocal coaching program together with my partner Julia Salm called Signature Voice.

 Signature Voice is a online vocal coaching program which combines essentiell elements of modern singing with the profound basics of a classical vocal education. We focus on flexibility and efficiency when it comes to the goals and wishes of every single one of our clients. But it is however the most important thing to support the individuality and unique sound of every voice.

With inventive new vocal exercises and the know-how that's necessary about e.g. the anatomy of your voice, we want to help you sustainably. With all that, we want to make it possible that everyone, no matter where you live or how much time you have, can get a professional vocal education!

Right at the time, I'm working on my first solo record called Silent Dreams. My love for progressive music shows clearly in everyone of my songs. But beneath all my love for timeless music, one thing is always most important for me... Innovation. Thereby I constantly try to develop the essence of my musical DNA with fresh, exciting sounds and new approaches.

Or in other words: Progress requires creativity