Your customized lesson

First of all…

…thank you for trusting me when it comes to your voice and your singing technique!

Every voice and every singer is completely individual and so should be your lesson plan. Wether it comes to your vocals or your time schedule. Together we design a custom coaching that perfectly fits your needs.


Lessons – all you need to know:

I promise you to always give you the best and healthiest vocal education and to set and achieve all your goals when it comes to singing and performance. To practice properly between the lessons, you’ll get the following tools:

– Online access to all exercises done during the lessons

– Videos of your lesson to repeatedly watch them again


Within the lessons we improve your vocal technique so that you can sing powerful notes, freely without any pressure by strengthening your vocal cords, smooth out your breaks for easily moving through your vocal range and getting you into full control of your voice.

Besides that we shape your unique tone which is the most important aspect of being an artist. Your tone is what makes you who you are and gives you the ability to connect with your audience on an emotional level rather than just singing perfect notes. It takes your listeners on a journey with you and your music. 


Options and Pricing:

Single lessons:

30 minutes: 45 €

60 minutes: 90 €

Flexible lesson packages:

6 lessons / 30 minutes: 240 €

12 lessons / 30 minutes: 480 €

For booking requests, questions and more information please use the following contact formular: